Re-Purposed Items | Abstract Artwork by Nancy Chovancek

Abstract Artwork by Nancy Chovancek

Re-Purposed Items

I have always loved antiques. And, as you know, I love the artwork I create for you. So, why not try to re-imagine a vintage wooden chair into something else that can be useful? Or, fix up a worn old shelf and transform it back to its former glory?

Why not, indeed.

A lot of these items are not for sale on my website. That's because they are either too fragile, odd-shaped, or very heavy. However, some items--If I feel fairly certain they can be shipped without any damage--will be placed on this site for sale.

Locally, you can find all of my unique pieces at Affordable Antiques & More which is located at 1508 North Naper Blvd. in Naperville, IL.  Some select pieces of my artwork will also be displayed for sale as well.

Items will change ALL THE TIME. If you are local, please stop in and see everything in person. I'm very happy and filled with joy that I have found a little nook in a very busy store to sell my art and re-purposed items! 

If you are looking for something particular, please let me know. You never know what I may have in my inventory waiting to have a makeover.



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